Lammenkallion alikulkutunnelia koristaa vaaleansinisävyinen muraali, jossa lintuparvi lentää ikään kuin tunnelin sisään.
Tamara Piilola: Taivaan Portti, 2020. Image: Tampereen ratikka

We offer a variety of materials that make working easier for artists who produce or have an interest in public art projects. You will find materials and guidelines on how to take part in public art projects on this page.

Artists should familiarise themselves with the Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle, a practical guide for artists and designers with an interest in producing public art. The handbook describes the process of a public art project, from the selection of the artist(s) to contract signing, from working on a construction site to maintaining a work of art throughout its life cycle. Prepared by the Artists’ Association of Finland, the Guide for Artists Participating in Art Competitions is intended to support artists participating in art competitions and submitting works to calls for public art.

  • Information on open calls for public art, art competitions and training events can be found in the calendar on this website. 
  • Artists interested in making public art are also advised to join the Artist Register and the artist databank on the Taide rakentamisessa website (in Finnish).
  • You can also make direct contact with art project organisers and art experts, such as art coordinators, to express your interest in their projects and showcase your past work.

The Artists’ Association of Finland offers guidance to member artists involved in public art projects, for example on contracts, competition processes and any problems they may encounter. Designers are supported by Ornamo.