You can also find opportunities for public art jobs outside Finland! The Percent for Art principle is also in use in other European countries. This page offers information about public art organisations in nearby countries and their open databanks of artists, as well as websites where calls for public art are announced.

Please note that it is not possible to assess the terms and conditions of international calls for public art, and there may be significant variations in the artist’s fees offered. The Artists’ Association of Finland only reviews and approves competitions for public art projects organised in Finland (competitions in design and architecture are dealt with by Ornamo and the Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA).

You are advised to compare competition terms with, for example, the contract templates.


Sweden has three levels of domestic government: local, regional and national, and they all commission works of public art. Depending on the developer, artwork for a property to be built in Stockholm can therefore be commissioned by either the City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm (the county council) or the state.

Konstpool provides information on open calls across Sweden.


Many Swedish cities follow the Percent for Art principle. Operators in public art in the largest cities in Sweden include

Stockholm konst
Open calls can be found here
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Göteborg konst
Open calls

Malmö konst
Open calls

Offentlig konst i Uppsala
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Regional councils

There are 21 regional councils in Sweden. They commission works of art for sites such as hospitals and public transport projects. Information about public art projects can be found on the regional councils’ websites.

Region Stockholm 
Stockholm County open calls

The state

Commissions for public art projects for government properties and public environments in Sweden are managed by Public Art Agency Sweden. Sweden follows the Percent for Art principle in public construction projects.

Public Art Agency Sweden open calls and art competitions


Norway follows the Percent for Art principle, and KORO is the agency responsible for commissioning works of public art.

KORO’s announcements can be found on its website.



Most big cities in Germany follow the Percent for Art principle or have a version of the Kunst im öffentlichen Raum programme.

The City of Berlin, for example, announces competitions and open calls for public art projects on its website (Kunst am Bau).



France has followed the 1% artistique principle in public construction projects since the 1950s. Open calls for artists are published on the French Ministry of Culture’s website. The website also features a guide to 1% artistique projects.