Pienistä muovi- ja metalliesineistä koostuva, katosta riippuva sydän Kuopion Lumit-lukion aulassa.
Hanna Vihriälä: Sydän, 2022. Image: Vicente Serra / Kuopion Taidemuseo

The Taide käyttöön – Ratkaisumalleja taiteen yhdistämiseksi rakentamiseen project (‘Art in Use – Solutions for the integration of art into construction projects’), organised by Ornamo in 2018–2020, developed services and tools for municipalities, city planners and construction companies that facilitate the acquisition and execution of creative design. The project materials will be available on the Public art website.

Unfortunately, the materials are currently only available in Finnish.

Rakennetaan yhdessä brochure 

The urban environment has a great impact on people’s health, day-to-day life and enjoyment, as well as an area’s recognisability. The Rakennetaan yhdessä brochure (in Finnish) is a visual publication on planning, its possibilities and effects on the urban environment as well as on the acquisition and progress of art and design in municipalities. Have a look and be inspired by the guide. It allows you to share ideas about art and design with others.

Matkalla julkisen taiteen asiantuntijaksi workbook

The Matkalla julkisen taiteen asiantuntijaksi workbook (in Finnish; ‘Become an expert in public art’) is a tool for anyone who wants to develop service business in the creative sector. The workbook is a great companion for those in the creative industries who are interested in combining construction and art. It helps readers to identify their strengths, opportunities to provide services and useful networks. 
The workbook is based on the Art in use training course on art consulting organised by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in spring 2020. The course was led by Principal Lecturer Hanna Rajalahti. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences trains specialists for business and services and researches and develops skills and operations in these fields.

A series of videos was also produced to support the workbook. You can watch the videos on YouTube.

Report: Julkinen taide aluerakentamisessa ja -kehittämisessä

Study by researchers Sari Karttunen and Oona Myllyntaus, Julkinen taide aluerakentamisessa ja -kehittämisessä: Taloudellisen arvon tunnistaminen ja arviointimenetelmät (‘Public Art in Planning and Development: Economic Value and Evaluation Methods’) offers new information on the economic impact of public art on the property and construction sectors as well as the creative sector. The report was published by Cupore, the Centre for Cultural Policy Research, in September 2020. 
The 21st century has seen public art become an instrument for developing cities and residential areas, yet the economic impact of artwork on construction is not yet well known in Finland, as assessing this impact has been considered difficult. The report shows that there is a need to develop evaluation methods. 
Read the report (in Finnish); Summary in English.

The Art in use project

The Art in use project (2018–2020) aimed to improve the quality of the built environment through creative design. The objective was to expand the use of creative design so that it becomes an integral part of construction projects. The project involved operators from the fields of research, art, design, higher education, construction and municipal development. The project leader was Ornamo, an expert organisation in design, and the partners were Frei Zimmer, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Cupore, the Building Information Foundation (RTS), the City of Riihimäki and the Seinäjoki Unit at the University of the Arts Helsinki. The project was carried out with the support of the European Social Fund granted by the Häme ELY Centre.