Prosenttiperiaatteen käsikirjan kansikuva, jossa julkinen taideteos.

The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle provides an up-to-date overview of the models for commissioning, financing and executing public art projects in Finland.

The popularity of public art has grown rapidly since the 2010s. Cities and municipalities have been eager to develop new operating models in recent years that combine art and construction, and new models for commissioning and financing art as well as the terminology in the field have developed and become more professional and diverse.

The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle has proven an important definitive work on public art, and its content has been useful for artists, art commissioners, developers and other parties involved in the field of public art.

The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle is a practical guide to help artists execute art projects in the built environment, such as residential areas, schools and public sites. The Handbook explains the most common art funding and commissioning models in Finland and gives practical advice to anyone interested in adding art to the built environment.

The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle for Artists is a practical guide for visual artists and designers who want to make public art. The handbook describes the entire process of incorporating public art into construction, from signing the contract and working on a construction site to maintaining a work of art throughout its life cycle.