Sculpture surrounded by people in the audience
Launch event of Maarit Nissilä's artwork Vahva

The hundredth operational year of Turku Artists’ Association in 2024 includes projects that present the works of our member artists

Part of the year of celebrations program includes a series of public art tours called Taide ympärillämme. The tours are meant to exhibit public art pieces from our members that are located around the city. Members of Turku Artists’ Association applied to be a part of these tours with their art works. Diversity, accessibility and location were emphasized in the selections.

A total of six tours includes the works from ten different member artists. The artworks are located in the city center of Turku and at its borders. The tours are held by art educator Salla Keskinen using Visual Thinking Strategies method (VTS). The artists that created the art pieces will also be attending the tours and answering questions from the participants.

These Public art tours aim to look at mundane surroundings and artwork located around the city with new eyes. Each tour will have time to have a discourse about the interpretation of the artworks. Part of the tour includes pondering about the opportunities and challenges that public art presents and what kind of thoughts risefrom experiencing public art.

The tours will be held in Finnish and they are free of charge for all attendees. Turku Artists’ Association will announce more details about the tours and enrollment closer to the date of each tour.

1st tour: sun 19.5. klo 14 - 15.30
Merja Pitkänen: Helmet (Itäinen rantakatu 72)
Jani Rättyä: Päivänkakkara (Läntinen rantakatu 71)

2nd tour: tues 28.5. klo 17.30 - 19
Maarit Nissilä: Vahva (Vaasantie, Patterinpuisto) Johanna Sinkkonen: Aallot (Kreivinaukio 1)

3rd tour: tues 11.6. klo 17.30 - 19
Sakari Peltola: Ruissalo botanic garden artworks

4th tour: tues 13.8. klo 17.30 - 19
Matti Lankinen: Hyviä aikoja (Forum block, Kauppiaskatu entrance) Jukka Hakanen: Biodiversiteetti (Tykistönkatu 6)

5th tour: sun 15.9. klo 14-15.30
Andrei Bakharev & co: Elonkirjo- taidepuisto (Meeting at Cafe Koroinen, Koroistentie 2)

6th tour: sun 29.9. klo 14-15.30
Andrea Vannucchi: Ocean Drifters #2
Sanna Kananoja: Saaren siimes
(Meeting in front of info desk of Majakkasairaala)

More information:
Turku Artists’ Association’s Executive Director 

Marjaana Valvee 045 8962918